Welcome to the blog.

Primarily this site is to discuss the outcomes of nearly four years of PhD research into the sex lives of young New Zealand women.   Considering the amount of bad press young women get today regarding what they get up to outside of serious relationships, I wanted to look into why young women do what they do (from hooking up to friends with benefits), how they feel about it, and how the current sexual culture affects them.

It’s been a long and interesting road, with quite a few surprises along the way.  Asking young women about their hook ups and casual sex experiences, their relationship sex and how they negotiate their desires with their partners, and how they feel about sexualised behaviour in town on a Friday night, has all been quite revealing.  Hopefully you’ll be as surprised and enlightened as I have become.

Beyond the results of my research I’ll also discuss some important ideas that I think young women would benefit knowing – ones that it has taken me four years to learn – that are not generally in the public dialogue.   Many of these themes are ones I will discuss in the book I am currently writing about my research.  One thing I became aware of during my four years is that although many of the young women I interviewed and surveyed were smart and discerning, and that there is a lot of amazing academic work out there, there is a gulf between young women and that information.  This blog, and my book, is an attempt to bridge that gap.

I’ll also endeavour to look at research other than my own that is making the headlines or that might be of critical interest and value.  I’ll give you my two cents, why its worth listening to, or throwing a shaker of salt at.

There will also be the occasional rant, most likely connected to news articles about young women’s sexuality and sexual behaviour.   If you are like me, you’ll have read a lot to rant about.  The New Zealand press can be none to kind to young women today.

Please put your comments here as the more opinion and discussion we get going the better.  Young women need to feel it is OK for them to experess themselves with respect to their sexuality and desires, and that it is OK for them to have a voice.  In this respect, I will moderate comments – not because I want to be pro- or anti-anything, but because this is not a space for judgement or condemnation.  There’s enough of that flung at young women today and this is not a place to add to it.

Anyway, I hope you find something here that interests you, and that starts a discussion.

Take care (and feel free to email me).


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